We are a group of Arma 3 players on Linux and Mac. Come and join us on steam !

Current Arma version on GNU/Linux and Mac: 1.64

Current Arma version on Windows: 1.72


28.01.2016 - Added mod links for servers, I will upload modpacks later.

10.01.2016 - We reached 300 members in our Steam group ! This is ArmaOnUnix ! ;)

21.12.2016 - Thanks to BI we got a new version of Arma 3! We got now version 1.64 so you can use now Apex DLC and play on Tanoa :)

22.10.2016 - Page domain has been changed to

21.10.2016 - Bohemia Interactive posted their roadmap for 2016-2017 and it looks like they are going to continue to support our version of Arma.

21.10.2016 - Added ArmaOnUnix Discord channel, come and join us !

02.10.2016 - We have reached 200 members in the Steam group, nice ! Also according to the database records there was 384 unique players on the wasteland server.

24.09.2016 - We now have a mumble server at - enjoy :D

06.09.2016 - We have reached 150 members in the Steam group !.

05.09.2016 - The Exile server with zombies is up and ready for some public testing, enjoy and try not to get infected x_x.

17.08.2016 - ArmaOnUnix page has been opened.

17.08.2016 - We have reached 100 members in the Steam group !.

14.08.2016 - Would you like to have mods on the Missions server ? Vote at

11.08.2016 - Missions server has been put online.


Thanks for your donation :)


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