Missions server

Currently available missions

CTF & CTF2 (Capture the flag)

In this mission there are 2 teams, whose goal is to capture the flag of the opposite team and bring it to their flag.

TDM (Team deathmatch)

Players are divided into teams which are fighting against each other.

Insurgency and Invade&Annex

Coop missions where your goal is to eliminate the AI forces according to the mission tasks.


There are 3 groups BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent. Blufor and Opfor are against each other and work as teams. As independent you can ally with somebody withing the indie group or you can fight against everyone, your choice. Your goal is to capture all the teritories. Except PVP there are also missions, where you can get money and guns.

Gun game

Classic Gun game, basically team deathmatch with changing guns. As you kill your enemies you get another weapons.


The mission server does not require any mods, but you can use some optional mods to improve your gaming experience with additional weapons, attachments, effects and sounds.

Supported mods are:

CBA_A3 - Community Based Addons

Tao foldmap - a small map, that is not fullscreen. Turn it on by Shift + M.

JSRS sound mod (! might cause lagging during gunfire and explosions !) - improved sounds for more immersive gameplay.

AdvancedRappelling (server side) - rappel down from helicopters.

AdvancedUrbanRappelling (server side) - rappel down from buildings.

LSDNVG - fullscreen night vision (added on request of our community member :) )

SMA - additional weapons and scopes.


CBA (Armaholics) 1 MB

JSRS sound mod (Official site) 650 MB

LSDNVG (Armaholics) 1 MB


MRT Accessory Functions (Armaholics) - needed for SMA 1 MB

Tao Folding Map (Armaholics) 1MB


Mod packs (contains all mods) - might be faster than official links because it is stored on Google Drive

ModPack1 (SMA, LSDNVG, JSRS sound mod, CBA_A3, MRT Accessory Functions, TAO folding map) on GoogleDrive 1.8 GB after extraction


Enable the mods through game or put this into your Arma 3 launch options(dont forget to remove/replace space characters):