Missions server

Currently available missions

CTF & CTF2 (Capture the flag)

In this mission there are 2 teams, whose goal is to capture the flag of the opposite team and bring it to their flag.

TDM (Team deathmatch)

Players are divided into teams which are fighting against each other.

Insurgency and Invade&Annex

Coop missions where your goal is to eliminate the AI forces according to the mission tasks.


There are 3 groups Blufor, Opfor and Independent. Blufor and Opfor are against each other and work as teams. As independent you can ally with somebody withing the indie group or you can fight against everyone, your choice. Your goal is to capture all the teritories. Except PVP there are also missions, where you can get money and guns.

Gun game

Classic Gun game, basically team deathmatch with changing guns. As you kill your enemies you get another weapons.


Except these missions, you can find on the server also other missions that are being added over time such as Patrol Ops, Liberation, Escapes from different locations, Dynamic Combat OPS, Dynamic Patrol OPS and more.


Missions on this server do not require any mods, but you can use some optional mods to improve your gaming experience with additional weapons, attachments, effects and sounds.


Below you can find the list of mods and respective steam workshop links. I have zipped all the mods into 2 packages, so you can easily download all the mods from there. Keep in mind that the mods in the modpacks are the same as I am using on the server, so it might better to use these instead of subscribing to them on steam, as the mods from steam workshop are getting continuously upgraded and they might break for the port users and also might cause strange behaviour on the server.


These instruction apply if you use the mod packs, if you are using the steam workshop mods you should copy them or symlink them to you Arma 3 directory or use some Arma launcher, more info is in FAQ section.

1. Unzip the archives and move the mods into your Arma 3 root directory (on linux it is usualy "~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3", dont know about Mac). Alternatively you can also move all the mods into a new directory for example called mods that resides in the Arma 3 root driectory. E.g. path to SMA mod should look like this: /home/myuser/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3/SMA or /home/myuser/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3/mods/SMA

2. Open steam

3. Right click on Arma 3 game -> Properties -> Set launch options... (alternatively you can enable the mods in-game)

4. Add one of these strings into the launch options:




5. Launch the game and have fun :D. If you have questions, you can ask on Discord or in the steam group.


Supported mods are:


Others (1GB)

Download: ModPackOthersMission.zip

Enhanced Movement

Specialist Military Arms (SMA)


Sound (1GB)

Download: ModPackSoundMission.zip


JSRS SOUNDMOD - Specialist Military Arms

Enhanced Soundscape