Exile server


In Exile your goal is to survive in the world full of zombies, bandit AIs and other survivors. The game is basically PVP, but you can also form groups. So go and find some loot, build your base and fight the enemies ! The server is currently using the Chernarus map with OpenChernarus mod, so feel free to explore it.

Basic principles

You have to worry about eating and drinking. You can find different items like weapons, attachments, food ... in the houses and all accross the map you can find vehicles, but at certain areas they might be pretty rare, so dont break em.


Across the map there are scattered Trader zones marked on the map as blue circles. You can buy and sell there everything (except non tradable stuff) from food cans to attack choppers and building material.


It is possible to build bases in Exile. In order to build you have to buy a territory first and place your territory pole on the place where you want to build. After that you start building your base from items you found or bought at the traders.


Zombies, AI and players are your enemies - yeah thats basically every character that is on the server...

For killing zombies and players and for selling items at the traders you get respect points.

After you get hurt, you might bleed, but you can stop bleeding by using bandage.

Zombie spawns are marked on the map with red and yellow circles.

Bikes can really help you when zombies are chasing u, but dont trust them, they will betray you when you least expect it !

Looting/Gutting: Space -> Examine

(Un)Locking cars (needed if you found a new car): Space -> (Un)Lock

Weapon switching: 1, 2, 3

Holster weapon: 4

Earplugs: 5

XM8 computer: 6

Auto run: 0

Open/close door: F


You can also use mobile application for Exile, the code is: 4613



The mission server does not require any mods, but you can use some optional mods to improve your gaming experience with additional weapons, attachments, effects and sounds.

Supported mods are:

AdvancedRappelling (server side) - rappel down from helicopters.

AdvancedUrbanRappelling (server side) - rappel down from buildings.

Argo - Argo is a free official Arma 3 DLC (from version 1.72, but it works also for us) containing the new Malden map.

Arma Enhanced Movement - additional movements like jumping and climbing over walls + some other stuff. Really usefull when running away from zombies.

CBA_A3 - Community Based Addons

CUP Terrains - reworked terrains from previous Arma games.

Exile - survival mod for Arma 3. You need to eat and drink and mostly kill a lot of players and AIs.

JSRS sound mod (! might cause lagging during gunfire and explosions !) - improved sounds for more immersive gameplay.

Open Chernarus Project - More enterable buildings on Chernarus.

Ryan Zombies and Demons - Zombie mod.


Mod packs - contains all needed and optional mods

ExilePack (Exile mod, Ryan Zombies and Demons) 3.4 GB after extraction

CommonPack1 (Arma Enhanced Movement, CBA_A3, DynaSound, Enhanced Soundscape, Open Chernarus Project) 1 GB zip file

CommonPack2 (CUP Terrains) 11 GB zip file


Separate mods (the same mods as in the packs, but separately)

Arma Enhanced Movement 400 KB zip file

CBA 500 KB zip file

DynaSound2 400 MB zip file

Exile 1.19 GB zip file

Open Chernarus Project 600 MB zip file

Zombies and Demons 21 MB zip file


Mod install instructions

Unzip all the modpacks and put them into your Arma 3 root directory (on Linux it is something like /home/myuser/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3/). The mods should be right in the Arma 3 direcotry, for exaple: /home/myuser/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3/@OpenChernarusProject. If you have questions, you can ask on Discord or write an email.

Enable the mods through the game or put this into your Arma 3 launch options (dont forget to remove/replace space characters):



There is a floating issue when you touch a building or certain areas on map (probaly CUP terrrains bug).

You can fix that by reloging.


If you go too close to a bike, it can hurt you or kill you (thats an Exile bug).

Helis (especially Hellcat) consume fuel really fast.

Cars are pretty fragile.

Lot of other stuff...