Frequently asked questions

What is the current version of Arma 3 on Linux and MacOS ?

The current version of the Arma 3 Experimental port is 1.64.

Why Arma 3 does not have Linux and Mac support icon in Steam ?

Arma 3 on Linux and Mac are just experimental ports which are outdated compared to the Windows game and it is not certain that Bohemia Interactive will ever update it.

Why there is so many red servers ?

Most of the servers are not compatible with the Linux and Mac version of Arma, due to higher game version.

Does battleye works with our version of Arma 3 ?

Yes, since version 1.58 experimental port supports Battleye.

Can I play with Windows players ?

Yes and no. You cannot play on most Windows server, because the use newer version of Arma but your windows friends can use the legacy version of Arma 3.

How to play with Linux and Mac players if you are on Windows ?

Go to Arma 3 Properties -> Betas -> use code "Arma3LegacyPorts" (without "") -> Switch to legacy port branch -> Enjoy :D

Should I buy Arma Apex expansion ? Will it work for me ?

Yes, Apex works (kinda) also on Linux and Mac. Some user have problems with it though. See fix in the lower question.

Some users experienced problems (error version 72 in p3d ...) with Apex expansion, here is a quick fix found by Pedeathtrian.

Go to Arma 3 properties and use beta code "Arma3LegacyPorts" (without "") and switch to the legacyports branch. This should fix the issue. Original forum post https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/195451-unable-to-start-game-since-apex/

Are there Experimental port limitations ?

There is no advanced rotor simulation.

According to BI the ports have lower performance by 5-10%.

Can I host a server ?

Yes you can. You can host in-game server and if you are running Linux you can also run dedicated server (BI link).

Can I use mods in Arma 3 ?

Yes you can, but the steam workshop mods need to be copied, moved or symlinked to the Arma directory. You can also download mods from Armaholic or official mod pages. Keep in mind that the newest mods might be optimized for the newest version of Arma on Windows and not for our version and they might cause crashes.

How to install mods on Mac OS ?

Thanks to Tycho (one of our community members) you can watch a video tutorial about how to install Arma 3 mods for the Exile server on Mac OS.




For more information visit the page https://dev.arma3.com/ports

Arma experimental ports forum https://forums.bistudio.com/forum/196-arma-3-ports/

Wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Experimental_Ports